First Responders, Military, Clinicals, Disabled 

  • Imagine help for people with PTSD
  • Imagine help for the physically challenged
  • Imagine help for the emotionally challenged
  • Imagine help for the blind
No Cell Phone or Bluetooth needed

The EverGuard Guardian works without any other device such as a cell phone or Bluetooth. It sends a signal over the cell network all without the aid of other devices. 

Panic/Duress Code

If you are in a situation where you are being forced to tell our emergency dispatch center you are “OK” simply give them your personal panic code and they will act as if everything is fine. However they will stay connected and record everything happening while dispatching help directly to your location. 

Safety Escort/Never Walk Alone

If you are feeling unsure of your safety for any reason simply push your button and let the emergency dispatch operator know. Ask them to not dispatch yet but to stay with you until you are in a safe place. If anything goes wrong they will dispatch the authorities to your location and record any information you give them. 

Court Admissible Recording

Any recorded information that is picked up by the unit is admissible in court. This can really aid the prosecutors and authorities in finding and convicting those that commit a crime. 

Free Location App

Our app will give you the ability to simply find the location of the button or track it. Since a cell phone is the first thing to disappear or get damaged in an attack this can be a great aid in locating you quickly. 

Location History

The unit sends its location every 6 hours and this is logged in history. This can be a really help authorities in the event they are trying to locate you in a kidnapping. 

Medical Assistance

In the event of an emergency medical need help is available at the push of a button. Just let the emergency dispatcher know what you need and they will locate you and send held to your location. 


You can carry the EverGuard Guardian around your neck on the adjustable lanyard, on your belt or our optional belt clip.