How It Works

“FBI-Grade” Tri-Accurate
Location Technology
In the case of an emergency, EverGuard Guardian utilizes a proprietary combination of
enhanced GPS, Wi-Fi Positioning Systems (WPS), and cellular triangulation technologies, to provide accurate and immediate location tracking whenever and where ever you need it


EverTalk Communication Technology
Unlike other devices on the market that require a cellphone, mobile app, or even a fragile Bluetooth connection to function, EverGuard Guardian is fully functional on its own without having to rely on companion devices


Award Winning
“On-Call Monitoring”
Real-time, live support from our expert monitoring staff is available 24/7 to provide feedback, reach out to emergency contacts, and even patch through to 911 authorities


Fall + Assault
Optional protection against falls or if thrown to the ground that immediately sends notification to our expert dispatch team who is ready to respond 24 hours a day